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Predispositions Aside, How Can You Prevent Hip Dysplasia in Dogs?

Hip dysplasia is unfortunately common in certain purebred dogs, and it leads to pain and stiffness in the hip joint. Other than maintaining a healthy body weight, there are several ways of reducing the chances that your dog is affected by hip dysplasia by following these important tips.

Making a Dog-Friendly Birthday Cake

One of the recent trends is to have birthday party for your dog, especially since he is such a big part of your family! If you decide to have a birthday cake for your dog, there are several ingredients that you need to steer clear from. We’ll review everything you need to know for a perfect dog birthday cake.

How to Protect Your Dog From Malignant Melanoma

A malignant melanoma tumor is often associated with cancer in dogs, but there are ways to prevent this from happening in your dog. We’ll review ways to take precautions through diet, exercise, water, sun exposure, and even other carcinogens that might be in contact with your dog.

How to Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer

There are several things you need to be careful of as a dog owner in the summer: heatstroke, dehydration, and sunburn. We’ll give you several suggestions to make sure your dog is comfortable all summer long, and allow both of you to make the most of your time outdoors!

What’s Better for Your Dog: The Groomer Or Should You Groom Her?

While using a groomer can be a great convenience, is there a time when you could be the groomer yourself? There is a bonding experience between you and your dog when you do the work on your own, and that could be the biggest reason you should consider grooming on your own.

What People Foods are Safe and What’s Toxic for Your Dog?

It’s very difficult to say no to your dog when they are begging for leftovers at the dinner table. However, as a pet owner, you must know which foods are safe for your dog to eat and which ones could make your dog ill. This could mean the difference between life and death.

How to Protect Your Dog From Heatstroke

Summer is going to be here before you know it, so it’s important to discuss ways to prevent your dog from getting heatstroke. We’ll discuss how to recognize the warning signs and how to take preventative action.

Raising Money and Having Fun On Motorcycles With Poker Runs

Have you ever heard of a poker run? Motorcyclists use this method to raise money for good causes by collecting cards to their poker hands at various businesses who are interested in supporting their mission. We’ll review all the details so you can raise some money for your cause as well!

Selecting Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Usually, most motorcycle riders are left without any riding during the winter months because of body sensitivity to the cold weather. The most important part of your body to keep warm during the winter is your hands (to control the bike), so why not get some heated motorcycle gloves? We’ll review the different types of heated gloves available on the market and some other alternatives if you’re on a budget.

  1. Predispositions Aside, How Can You Prevent Hip Dysplasia in Dogs?
  2. Making a Dog-Friendly Birthday Cake
  3. How to Protect Your Dog From Malignant Melanoma
  4. How to Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer
  5. What’s Better for Your Dog: Brushing Teeth, Bones From Raw Meat, Or Deer Antlers?
  6. What’s Better for Your Dog: The Groomer Or Should You Groom Her?
  7. What People Foods are Safe and What’s Toxic for Your Dog?
  8. How to Protect Your Dog From Heatstroke
  9. Raising Money and Having Fun On Motorcycles With Poker Runs
  10. Selecting Heated Motorcycle Gloves
  11. Using a Sidecar Motorcycle in All Types of Weather
  12. Yamaha’s 2012 Motorcycles Announced
  13. Get An Expert When Your Dog Isn’t Feeling Right
  14. Can Your Improve Your Dog’s Behavior?
  15. What Your Dog is Trying to Tell You
  16. College-Bound: Helping Dogs Cope With a Family Member Leaving Home
  17. Prozac for Dogs
  18. Breaking Up the Routine With Your Dog
  19. Behold the Dogs of War
  20. Leptospirosis in Urban Dogs
  21. The Life of a Bomb-Sniffing Dog
  22. How to Build a Power Breakfast
  23. Healthy Eating for Weight Loss
  24. Make Your Tweets Count
  25. 4 Billion Hits A Day: Why Your Business Needs To Be On YouTube
  26. WordPress Tips To Increase Online Ranking
  27. 3 Ways To Reduce Website Bounce Rate
  28. The Secret Of Creating A Great Landing Page
  29. Increase Website SEO With Blogging
  30. Do I Really Need Vaccinations For My Dog?
  31. Puppies 101
  32. Search and Rescue Dogs: Everyday Heroes
  33. Walk the Dog!
  34. The BARF Diet for Dogs: It’s Not What You Think
  35. How to Avoid Exorbitant Vet Bills
  36. The Mystery of Dog Feet!
  37. Small Dog Agility Courses
  38. Suzuki Offers Full Motorcycle Line-up for 2012
  39. Tech Advancements Mean Big Improvement In Helmet-to-Helmet Communication for Motorcycles
  40. Dedicated Motorcycle Parking Reduces Cost, Congestion
  41. Tank Bags Provide Easy Access, More Storage on Motorcycles
  42. Kids and So-Called Dangerous Dogs
  43. Obesity in American Pets: Epidemic Proportions?
  44. Vacationing With Your Dog
  45. Pet Theft Awareness Day is February 14
  46. February is Pet Dental Health Month
  47. Overcoming Your Fear of Dogs
  48. Making Sure Your Dog Gets Enough Exercise During the Winter
  49. How To Choose a Dog Crate
  50. Four Uncommon Dog Medical Conditions
  51. Keeping Your Mom Protected With a Dog
  52. Size Really Does Matter In Training Dogs
  53. How Talented Is Your Dog?
  54. Your Dog’s Food May Be Causing His Skin Condition
  55. Adjusting To Older Dogs
  56. Heartworms: A Horrible Disease That Is Preventable
  57. Flu Shots For Your Dog
  58. Common Dog Illnesses That Can Be Prevented
  59. 3 Ways To Gain Online Influence
  60. 5 Ways To Use LinkedIn For Business
  61. Google+ For Business
  62. Pinterest Offers SEO Benefits
  63. The Importance of Google Places For Businesses
  64. Building Your Online Reputation
  65. Show Your Dog Some Love This Valentine’s Day
  66. Choosing the Right Dog for Your Life
  67. Leaving A Motorcycle Buddy Behind
  68. The Best Motorcycle Ride We Didn’t Take
  69. Lane Splitting on Motorcycles
  70. Riding Motorcycles in High Winds: Is One Hand Is Better Than Two?
  71. A Little Activity and Little Love Can Help Your Dog’s Behavior
  72. Transitioning a New Dog
  73. Finding a Reputable Pet Sitter
  74. Dog Meet and Greet
  75. Dog Sounds
  76. Be Consistent With Dog Training!
  77. Things That Go Splat On Your Motorcycle Ride
  78. Motorcycle Riders In The Rain
  79. Refreshment On The Road With Your Motorcycle
  80. Setting Speed Records on a Motorcycle
  81. Helping Your Dogs Fight the Cold of Winter
  82. Getting Over The Fear of Dogs
  83. Spreading Holiday Cheer With A Therapy Dog
  84. How to Include Your Dog in Holiday Festivities
  85. Winter Dangers For Your Dog
  86. Christmas With Your Dog
  87. Rubbing Shoulders With Your Brothers At Motorcycle Rallies
  88. Suzuki Offers Seven Updated Motorcycles for 2012
  89. Ice Racing Offers Chills and Thrills
  90. Holiday Gift Ideas for the Biker In Your Family
  91. How To Tell If Your Dog Is At A Healthy Weight
  92. Pet Insurance – Is It Right for You?
  93. Holiday Treats That Are Anything But a Treat For Your Dog
  94. How The Average Pet Owner Can Save Money
  95. A Day in the Life of a Dog
  96. Food Allergies in Dogs: Diagnosing and Treating
  97. Riding Motorcycles From Sea to Shining Sea and More
  98. Running Motorcycles With The Herd of Cattle
  99. A Motorcycle Racing Season Wraps Up
  100. Dual-Sporting Motorcycles in the Boonies
  101. The Joy of Naming Your Dog
  102. The Rise of the Puppy Snatchers
  103. Why Do Dogs Roam?
  104. Dogs and Diabetes
  105. Canine Urinary Incontinence
  106. Why Dogs Lick Faces
  107. Do Two Wheels Define a Motorcycle?
  108. Motomarathon Combines The Best of Motorcycle Riding and Sightseeing
  109. Women Motorcycle Riders a Growing Segment
  110. Retracing Old Highways Is A Great Motorcycle Riding Option
  111. Which Doggie Daycare Is Right For My Dog?
  112. How To Keep Your Pet Safe During A Storm
  113. Why Dogs Pant
  114. Simple Steps to Obedience Training
  115. Signs of Stress in Your Dog
  116. Making Eye Contact With Your Dog: The Danger Zone
  117. Keep Your Dog From Landscaping Your Yard
  118. Help! My Puppy Growls
  119. How I Got 7,000 Followers on Twitter in One Year Using Humor and Pets
  120. Can-Am ATVs Cover a Wide Range of Uses
  121. Which Motorcycle to Ride in British Columbia
  122. Picking The Right Motorcycle For The Road
  123. Comparing Kawasaki’s Ninja 1000 and Z1000 Ninja Motorcycles
  124. Bonding With Your New Dog
  125. Being The Leader Of Your Dog Pack At Home
  126. Do You Have a Pet Rescue Plan For Natural Disasters?
  127. How Hot Is Too Hot? How To Meet (And Predict) Your Dog’s Hydration Needs
  128. Keeping Your Puppy Safe In And Out Of Your Home
  129. Wordless Communication That Speaks Volumes
  130. Dealing With Dog Separation Anxiety
  131. Canine Psychology: The Way Dogs Think
  132. Ride Your Motorcycle As If You Are Invisible
  133. Tune Up Yourself, Your Motorcycle, Before First Ride of the Season
  134. Go Green, Save Money: Ride a Motorcycle
  135. Motorcycle Tires: It’s About More Than Size
  136. How To Make Your Dog Famous
  137. Dogs’ Ears Are Not Just For Listening
  138. Dog Tears: An Emotional Subject for Humans. For Dogs? Not So Much.
  139. The Wonder of a Dog’s Nose
  140. What Can We Learn From a Dog’s Tail?
  141. Calming Signals- A Dog’s Repertoire of Diffusing Skills
  142. Dog Training: Prevention Versus Cure
  143. Dog Training Tips – How to Handle a Timid Older Dog
  144. Does Your Dog Have Allergies Too?
  145. Look, Up In the Sky, It’s a Dog on a Plane!
  146. Traveling With Your Pet – How to Keep You and Your Cat or Dog Happy
  147. Trick and Treat: How Hard Is It to Teach Your Dog Trixie Tricks?
  148. Dog Nutrition Over the Years
  149. Going The Distance On Your Motorcycle
  150. Sea-Doo’s RXP-X Gives You Great Summer Fun In The Water
  151. Motorcycle Adventure Rallies: It’s Better With Friends
  152. Sportbikers and Cruisers Can Be Friends
  153. Therapy Dogs – The Basics
  154. How Does a Dog Drink – and Why Is It So Sloppy?
  155. Did You Know That Dogs Can Tear Their ACLs?
  156. Preventing Dog Bites
  157. Organic Dog Food, a Do or a Don’t?
  158. Scritch, Scratch, Flora Needs a Flea Bath – Or Maybe Not! Skin Diseases That Affect Dogs
  159. The Best Motorcycle Roads in the Country
  160. Second Chance to Ride a Can-Am Spyder
  161. North to Alaska on a Kawasaki KLR650s
  162. Make Life An Adventure – On Two Wheels
  163. If You Thought Your Two Dogs Made a Pack, Guess Again
  164. Hachiko: The Famously Loyal Akita
  165. Cooking for Your Dog
  166. About The Dog Breed (Besides the Obvious)
  167. Flea Free Naturally
  168. Odd Dog Behaviors: Decoded!
  169. Thumbs Up on Kawasaki’s Demo Riding Policy
  170. Kawasaki Versys: The Secret Dual-Sport Motorcycle
  171. Riding New Mexico’s Super Twisties
  172. Loving the Kawasaki Concours 14
  173. Road Trip! Traveling With Your Dog
  174. Poison! Common Household Risks to Your Dog
  175. Splish Splash: Should I Give My Dog A Bath?
  176. Cancer and Your Dog
  177. A Vet Who Practices Without an Animal Hospital
  178. Understanding Dog Aggression
  179. Making Your Motorcycle Uniquely Yours
  180. Ride Safe When Riding With Friends
  181. Tag-O-Rama Offers Fun Reason to Ride
  182. Must Ride Roads For Every Motorcycle Owner
  183. Intimacy With Your Partner and Your Jealous Dog – Oh, Now That’s Fun!
  184. Microchipping Your Dog
  185. Canine Mental Health: Do Human Diagnoses Make Sense?
  186. How To Start Up a Doggy Day Care Business
  187. Understanding Dogs and The Job They Were Bred to Perform
  188. Training Your Puppy The Right Way
  189. Be Aware of Different Motorcycle Laws in Different States
  190. Loud Pipes Not Necessary for Safe Motorcycling
  191. Racking Up Those Motorcycle Miles, In A Big Way
  192. Even Wintertime is Motorcycle Weather
  193. Hiking With Your Dog
  194. The Multi-dog Household: How Many is “Just Right”?
  195. Canine Nose Work – From The World of Work Comes a Great New Way to Play!
  196. Dock Dogs – A New Way to Have Fun With Your Dog!
  197. Dogs and Lyme Disease: A Potentially Deadly Combination
  198. It’s a Dog’s Life: Working Dogs in Search and Rescue
  199. The Right Machine For The Job
  200. Riding Solo
  201. Scraping Parts, Scraping Pucks
  202. Hitting The Road On Two Wheels
  203. Tips and Tricks For Crate Training Your Dog
  204. Why You Should Know About Breed Characteristics Before Getting a Dog
  205. Dogs and Their Senses – They are More Acute Than Humans For a Reason
  206. Even the Happiest Dog Can Grieve
  207. Dogs In Therapy
  208. Famous Dogs of Print and Screen
  209. Valentine’s Day for Pets
  210. Doggie Dieting
  211. V Star Family Covers Every Level
  212. All New Ninja 1000, A Showpiece For Kawasaki
  213. Turn Heads, Meet Strangers Riding A Can-Am Spyder
  214. Suzuki Is Back for 2011
  215. Charlotte’s Web of Indecision: When to Spay Your Female Dog
  216. Make Way for Baby: Puppy Proofing to Preserve Your Pooch
  217. Should I Get My Dog Fixed?
  218. Access to Your Home for Your Cold Dog
  219. Dog Gift Ideas: Get Your Companion The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season
  220. Lulu’s First Holiday: Keeping Your Pet Safe This Season
  221. How To “Treat” Your Dog This Holiday Season
  222. Winterizing Lizzie and Winston
  223. The Necessity of Keeping Your Dog Fed Right This Winter
  224. Three Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dog Tartar
  225. A Thanksgiving Reminder of What is Safe for Your Dog
  226. Foods That Can and Will Make Your Dog Ill
  227. Exercise, Obedience, Then Love: The Way To A Good Canine Citizen
  228. Raw Pet Foods: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  229. A Chemical Breakdown of Chocolate and a Reminder of Why It’s Toxic for Your Dog
  230. Puppy-Proofing Your Home
  231. Raising Dogs Who are Siblings Can Mean Trouble
  232. Weaning Puppy Winslow
  233. Re-Homing Your Dog: Is it Really Necessary and Can it Be Avoided?
  234. Fostering Rescued Animals – A Growing Trend Right in Your Neighborhood
  235. Dogs With Disabilities
  236. Commanding Your Fear of Dogs to Heel
  237. How I Prepare For Disasters With My French Bulldog
  238. Owner’s Side and Dog’s Side Of Training English Bulldogs
  239. Traveling Safely By Car With Your Dog
  240. Halloween Pet Safety Tips
  241. Would You Like Kibble With That Whine? Solutions For Whining In Your Puppy
  242. Fence-Jumping In Dogs, And How To Prevent It
  243. Dealing With Submissive/Excited Urination In Your Dog
  244. Dealing With Separation Anxiety In Your Dog
  245. Alternative Potty Training Solutions For Your English Bulldog
  246. Obedience Training for the French Bulldog
  247. Training Tips For Your Medium, Large and Extra-Large Dog
  248. Considerations On Taking in a Stray Dog
  249. Choosing Your Dog Wisely
  250. Caring For Brachycephalic (Flat-Faced) Dogs
  251. Adopting Abused Dogs: Building Trust
  252. Adopting a Dog: Your Checklist
  253. Training an Older French Bulldog
  254. Training Your Little English Bulldog Who Has a Big Personality
  255. Crate Training English Bulldogs – Cruel or Not?
  256. Clicker Training Your French Bulldog – Is It For You?
  257. Training English Bulldogs 101
  258. Training Two Different French Bulldogs in the Same Home
  259. Owning a Cat When You Have Allergies
  260. Deafness in Cats
  261. Proper Perspectives on Dog Training
  262. Successful Dog Training Techniques
  263. Making Food For Your French Bulldog the Hypoallergenic Way
  264. Food Allergies – Is Your English Bulldog in Danger?
  265. Why Do You Want a Dog?
  266. Training a Kitten
  267. The French Bulldog – Training Techniques
  268. The English Bulldog: Traits to Look For
  269. How to Keep Your Outdoor Dogs Safe
  270. Keeping Indoor Dogs Safe At Home
  271. The Importance of Spaying and Neutering
  272. What Foods Can Make Your Dog Ill, Compromise His or Her Health Over Time and What’s Downright Deadly
  273. Some Basic Things to Know Before You Bring a Dog into Your Home
  274. How To Pick The Right Pet Food For Your Pet
  275. Potty Training Your French Bulldog
  276. The English Bulldog – Loving, Docile and the Coolest Mascot
  277. The English Bulldog: History and Care
  278. The French Bulldog, History of the Breed and Proper Care
  279. What are the Best Guard Dogs?
  280. How to Test Your Dog’s Intelligence
  281. Going Camping? Don’t Forget Your Dog!
  282. What to Do With Your Dog Before You Go on Vacation
  283. Why Training is Not Just Done in the Home
  284. What Are the First Tricks You Should Train Your Dog?
  285. How to Choose the Right Pet Insurance Company
  286. How Does Pet Insurance Work?
  287. Why You Should Buy Pet Insurance
  288. 7 Questions to Ask a Pet Insurance Company
  289. How To Spot a Pet Insurance Scam
  290. Why Are Pet Care Costs Rising?
  291. Need Tons of New Leads? Learn How To Write a Press Release For Your Business.
  292. Building a Facebook Fan Page that Brings New Leads To Your Business!
  293. 10 Marketing Strategies to Ramp Up Your Lead Generation in the Pet Industry to 20 New Leads Per Day
  294. How To Prevent Hip Dysplasia
  295. How Important is Socializing Your Puppy?
  296. What to Do if You Have a Dominant Dog
  297. The Fattening Dilemma On Dogs and Cats
  298. What is BARF and Why Should I Give Raw Food To My Pets?
  299. Your Elderly Dog: Care and Maintenance
  300. Is Your Dog a Canine Good Citizen?
  301. Revolution: Treating Your Pet For Ticks and Other Parasites This Spring
  302. Preventative Care For Your Pets Can Save Them and Save You Money
  303. Tick Born Diseases in Pets – Critical For Pet Owners
  304. Small Dog Dental Care: Here’s What You Need To Know
  305. Five Foods Not To Feed Your Dog, Under Any Circumstances
  306. Three Fun Dog Activities: Disk Dog, Dock Diving, and Flyball
  307. Microchipping. Is It The Best Way To Protect Your Dog From Loss?
  308. The Benefits of Indoor Living For Cats
  309. Safe Dog Toys
  310. Exotic Cat Breeds
  311. Noise and Your Dog: Using Music to Soothe Your Pet
  312. Pet Vitamins: Are They Worthwhile?
  313. My Dog Peed Inside, Now What?
  314. Canine Hot Spots – What You Need To Know
  315. Should You Show Your Dog?
  316. How to choose the right breed for your lifestyle
  317. Tips For Taking Your Dog to a Summer Gathering
  318. How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer
  319. Michael Ayalon
  320. Quality Dog Treats
  321. Crate Training For Your Puppy or Dog
  322. Potty Training Your Puppy
  323. How To Use The Power of the Internet to Sell Puppies, Pets, & Pet Products on the Web